marisa gallemit is an Ottawa-born artist currently exploring sculpture as a medium. After studying film at Carleton University and at the New York Film Academy, she turned her focus to working with textiles, creating soft furnishings. Her newest work is inspired by and constructed with recycled and repurposed materials, concentrating on organic forms and natural textures.

summer teeth

Friday, August 6, 2010 @ 12:36 PM by marisa

 holy cow - it's been a few months since i've checked in.  this summer has been a delight and simply put, gorgeous.  it's been a flow of long, lazy, hot days that are somehow also extremely productive.  i feel like this is the perfect pace for me - working twice a week and enough time to be properly domestic and handle all tasks that come before me.

yoga has made a subtle and profound re-entry into my life - this time around not the physically rigourous ashtanga yoga but an exploration of gentler and more spiritual  paths, hatha and kundalini.  it's a whole new ball game - the classes still leave my body transformed in some way but without the dripping sweat and falling over from exhaustion.  the focus for me is to find calm and peace knowing that i'm massaging my organs, lengthening my muscles and soothing worries.

en garde!
i keep saying that i am now truly becoming that crazy hippie that i always aspired to be:  all gray hair, window-sill herb gardens and yoga stylee!  it's pretty liberating to finally accept it and let it happen.

the past few months have been a great time to be with trae - lots of hang time, eating shawarma in the sun for lunch, strolling around the neighbourhood, swimming, playing The Beatles Rock Band and and street badminton, making art. 
just chillin in the pool
berry-picking on canada day
this summer he discovered fencing, epee specifically at an Ottawa U summer camp.  such an elegant sport - a 'civilized' aggressive activity, one can't deny the grace required.  oh, and the fencing outfits are unbelievably stylish...cream-coloured jackets (some with moto-style collars), the mysterious, insect-like mask and one cool glove.  it's no joke, it's seriously awesome.

gotten in some good girl time, too:  vancouver to visit mamoo with pichie and a river-side picnic with boozee and jenzel.  yay!

great news recently:  i've landed a solo art show at Wurm Gallery/Invisible Cinema in late October!  my first solo show ever and i'm thrilled to bits.  the owners are the gorgeous pair Jodie and Nick (of Buried Inside fame, for all you hardcore metal fans) and have asked that the BF perform at the vernissage as Remi Royale (his cheesy, lascivious lounge singer alter-ego).   so i'm a busy beaver trying to create new works for that great space.

so far so gooooooood.

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