marisa gallemit is an Ottawa-born artist currently exploring sculpture as a medium. After studying film at Carleton University and at the New York Film Academy, she turned her focus to working with textiles, creating soft furnishings. Her newest work is inspired by and constructed with recycled and repurposed materials, concentrating on organic forms and natural textures.

blog love

Monday, November 15, 2010 @ 10:44 PM by marisa

how delightful to be a new citizen of the internets!

photo via pinterest

a girl and a machine:  the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
scored some warm nods from web friends of late, and i'm pleased as punch:

a little do-hickey  on the ARC Poetry Magazine website linking to a post of mine


sweet nugget  by jess on the magpie jewellery blog.

thank you friends!

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