marisa gallemit is an Ottawa-born artist currently exploring sculpture as a medium. After studying film at Carleton University and at the New York Film Academy, she turned her focus to working with textiles, creating soft furnishings. Her newest work is inspired by and constructed with recycled and repurposed materials, concentrating on organic forms and natural textures.

solo mission

Monday, November 15, 2010 @ 12:11 AM by marisa

i made stuff and i had my first solo show at Wurm Gallery/ Invisible Cinema on friday, october 29th 2010.
it was RAD.

i called it Past Lives: New Works and created 7 new pieces over the course of 3 months.  in keeping with my desire to use recycled and discarded material, i made hanging objects/creatures out of old bicycle innertubes, innertube valves, the film footage from my brief stint at a film production course, an Yves St-Laurent bridegroom tuxedo and a softball.

the body of work alludes to the past lives of the materials themselves as well as to my own past lives - my long-gone roles of wife, small business owner, aspiring film-maker.  this is my most personal work so far, and the process of deconstructing and transforming the materials quite unexpectedly brought me great discomfort.  i was filing things away, declaring that some things that i held dear, items with which i used to identify myself no longer held weight in their current forms.  the hanging objects on the wall are represent then, my transformation, my new life, my now.

this was my artist statement:

past lives

i was someone else once, something else. 
I have transformed, allowed alterations; taken on a patina, increased, decreased, more radiant each time.

I have moved with great speed with light flowing through me, with gravel beneath me, bloated with cold air.

now I swim, I soar, resuscitated in your gaze, I remember.

past lives: freshly hung
first marriage: apologies to the late yves st-laurent

editor:  fond farewell to my career in film-making
escape:  created to do just that
past lives:  the wee ones
invisble cinema:  never-used, expired film
gaffer:  sea creature? someone asked

blowfish: a heavy metal tribute to many flat tires

remnants:  cutting room floor treasures

past lives:  the big ones

if you squint you can see frames of me doing cartwheels in washington square park,nyc.

the little boy was proud and bored all at once

thanks to all the amazing folks who came to the vernissage!  works will be up until november 30th 2010.

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